Dream Chateau Oil on Ply  ptlpaintings.com

Dream Chateau Oil on Ply ptlpaintings.com

So a statement such as I can't draw is a final ultimatum, a decision made at some point in our life. My first observation has come from that camp, the place of least resistance. There are many things that we can't do for one reason or the other, so it is a reasonable thing to say.

Then we start to think about being Creative. Oh no, I'm not the creative type. Maybe we have taken on a view that we are either creative or not. I feel that possibly the word creative is a massive net that can include life itself. So with that idea in mind, it would seem ridiculous to suppose that we are not creative. After all, we are a mass of cells, a collection of energy that is creative in itself.

We could argue in that case that the semantics are getting us into a twist. Life is creative and we clearly are examples of living organisms so therefore must have creativity. Could it be that we are just not in touch with life itself.

So now the argument or dialogue is becoming more manageable. Perhaps at some point in the development of our conscious understanding of ourselves, we have simply decided that to draw for example is too hard a rock to sit on. By charging the universe with the statement that we cannot draw in fact we are stemming the flow that enables us to draw.

So I said earlier indeed I was one of those I can't draw people and now I realise that is not the case. The practice of drawing or painting like any other meaningful pursuit involves a persistent application of the self to it.

Perhaps any enduring activity most of the times need us to apply ourselves on a regular basis, no matter what we think we can or can't do. Then eventually or even immediately we can surprise ourselves.

So let's get surprised



I started oil painting following a heart attack in 2013 and now have started to share this process with others