Autumn Brighton Light

Research on many levels has been investigating the health benefits of the Creative Process and its power to improve the quality of our lives. So how can we put to use this understanding, or indeed how can we actively improve our wellness by engaging in a creative life?

I would say from my own experience that being engaged in some sort of creative process, is crucial to fulfilling our potential as a human being.

We could argue that the stemming of our creative flow often occurs during our childhood. This may manifest in a number of ways. Maybe the creative process itself is, in fact, the development throughout our life of the essence of existence itself. Possibly,
over time, the messages that we tell ourselves, become part of our brain’s working circuitry. We begin to decide whether we are creative or not,  based on the linear-based society that we live in.

Each and every one of us has had a moment as children where we felt our full essence was denied. Either by a parent, a teacher, a fellow student or a close friend. At that moment, when we experienced the rejection of our true essence by another, it undermined us. So now when the feeling attached to the child arise we undermine ourselves.

All is not lost, in fact far from it. Just like many diseases can be transformed and in some cases even reversed by diet and exercise, so to can this entrenched denial of the creative self. So when we decide that we would like to do some activity such as writing, performing, playing music or painting, we are taking action to re-awaken this dormant process within us.

The Creative Process can rejuvenate and transform the way that we relate to our inner child. Of course is this a child or is it, in fact, our essence as a human being. The potential we have is limitless and indeed difficult to fathom. The inner child has the power to connect with the timeless reality that exists within the moment. No wonder it can be scary. Perhaps it is not productive to be critical of our past, but instead, start to understand that a creative life is a wonderful way to exist as a whole human being and put value into the world

Patrick Turner-Lee

I started oil painting following a heart attack in 2013 and now have started to share this process with others