Retirement — A Dream — A wish or a deluded mind set

 BLUE VIEW - Original oil painting on ply - Sold to a private collection in Brighton. Prints available

BLUE VIEW - Original oil painting on ply - Sold to a private collection in Brighton. Prints available


Interesting looking for blogs on retirement. Seems to be a plethora of intellectual or financial articles helping us all realise that maybe we didn’t plan to retire.

Well personally I feel insulted by the term. It conjures up “a stepping back or giving up resolve”. Also the “when I retire” conversation is often curtailed by increasing evidence that our working life is smattered with occurrences of decreasing and undetected health issues.

Then its time to retire because you have to. Take me for an example; I worked as hard as I could for years trying to comply with an ill fitting and poorly chosen career path that eventually led to a heart attack. Strange this work ethic seemingly is brought on by a desire to do well. However for all of the possible clear management decision that are available, very often the action is one of least resistance.

This process of avoiding problems only leads to suffering for all concerned. I managed to bypass situations that were uncomfortable in my working life. This, at the end of the day contributed to my health and habits leading to a life that could never be fully enjoyed.

Of course for all of us I am sure there are joyful times. Often it seemed that after Xmas I would work hard to pay off my debts or save up for something. Maybe that was a holiday. Then I would be enslaved by my work regime in order to fulfil promises that I never really agreed to in the first place

For me the heart attack I suffered was a pivot point, because I have been able start to live the life that I want to. Not so I can sit back in a deckchair or spend my pennies on filling the pockets of the leisure industry. No it is my hope to have a go at encouraging others to reveal their true potential and break away from the financial slavery that is so gloriously manufactured by our caring society.

I am not bitter though; in fact it is a wonderful opportunity to defy all and spend the next 30 odd years creating value.

Patrick Turner-Lee

I started oil painting following a heart attack in 2013 and now have started to share this process with others